Working in IT requires a lot of general and tool-specific knowledge. Most of these skills, tips and tricks are too small to deserve a separate post. So I compiled these “useful bits” into a sort of today-I-learned or Cheat-sheet summaries.

By topic




Hugo – static site generator

Useful tools and resources

Text editing

Hemingway Editor – to make texts more readable.

Grammarly – the same as with the Hemingway Editor. I use only the free web version without the browser extension for security and privacy reasons.

Front-end development

Can I use – the place for checking browser support for front-end technologies.

MDN – one stop for all specs and examples on JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. – helps to get key codes and other properties for key press events in JavaScript. – generate Lorem Ipsum text.


MongoDB Compass – very useful for developing with MongoDB, especially for visually building complex aggregation pipelines.


Byobu – CLI text-based window manager.

Misc – generate time in many formats.