Static web-sites by their nature are … static. They need external services to store and display dynamic data (comments, counters, etc.). is a service for counting and displaying page views on static web-sites, e.g. like this blog – counter is under the heading of the page.

Please feel free to leave any questions, bug reports, requests or suggestions in the comments below or contact me via email [email protected].

Status: active

Language: English


First you need to register by providing your email to receive a one-time login link. No passwords. registration

Then you need to create a counter for your web-site: project overview

After you install the counter it will start gathering hits and will be able to return statistics. project overview

For full description and functionality please visit the documentation .

Technical details:

  • Python
  • fastAPI framework
  • database: MongoDB
  • frontend: React.js
  • JWT for authentication and authorization
  • nginx for serving static frontend
  • automatic deploy via GitHub Actions
  • everything runs in Docker-containers
  • Traefik for reverse proxy


2021-02-03 – 0.1.0: public beta